Sunday, December 04, 2005


Tonight we had dinner at Lonestar with the Westwoods, they wanted to shout us dinner to thank us for helping Nicole out with the HSC and getting her ready for the formal. As usual the night was filled with many laughs and awkward questions surrounding when we would get married so that Mr Westwood would have an excuse to get pissed.

Thank you for a lovely night!

One of the funniest moments had to be when Betty secretly told the staff that it was Jacky’s birthday so that we would get a free dessert (Jacky's birthday is in June). Unfortunately she didn't tell anyone else, so when ALL the staff came out to sing happy birthday to Jacky everyone had no idea what was going on.

I thought that we were pretending that it was Mr Westwood’s birthday so I was looking at and singing to him. Mr Westwood thought it was Jacky’s birthday and kept looking at Jacky. Jacky didn't know what was going on and sat there very puzzled, the others who were in on all this just laughed hysterically.
I must say the dessert was Huuuuge and well worth it! - Good one Betty.....maybe just tell us next time!

What's a party without cocktails!


betty said...

what a fab night...I feel like breaking out in a line dance with my book scootin' baby (who's driving me crazy!)

PiCkLeS said...

Give me that yee-har!

lil_lamies said...

I just died when Mrs Westwood was startled by the Lone Star waiter sang so loud and whole-heartedly. Great food, great people, I’m still full from, dinner.


Katina said...

I still have the Steps tune going round in my head! It was an awesome nite, thanks to the Westwoods and everyone else!! :)

Sarah said...

My heart dropped when I saw ur post....its so sad to see all my fave people together and not be there to share in it :(

Miss u guys!!! xoxoxo

betty said...

oh Sarah, that's so sad. We really wished you were there too, I took a lot of pictures for you!

miss you too