Sunday, December 04, 2005

DanceArts 2005

It's 1:00am in the morning and I've just come home from the DanceArts Showdown 2005. It was a terrific night! There were 12 performances with guest appearances from D2MG and the XY Project (who were just amazing!).

Trish & Cynth congratulations on such a great job! I have so much admiration for the both of you! All your hard work really paid off, it’s something to be really proud of!!! and wasn't the turn out just great?!
Here are some pics from the night.

The turn out was great! we sat upstairs because they ran out of space below

Left: D2MG Right: the little girl was sooo cute!

We had to do a girl photo!

Jc (one of the Mcs), JY (of JY Jewels - looking goregous) & Mario who was busy filming all night

Di & The Odyssey

Group Shots

After all the dancing we were exhausted! We decided that we needed some chicken satay sticks and Pancakes to recover. We headed back to Beverly Hills and ate ourselves to death at D2D Cafe (who has the friendliest staff!)....this was kind of funny considering we only watched the show and cheered, imagine what would happen if we actually performed in the show.

Great Job guys!


trish said...

THANK YOU sooooooooo much for the photos. i had my camera but didn't have time to take any so thanks again..and for coming and cheering and all your support =)!

p.s. ditto to you jacky!

princess_party said...

heeey em!! thanks so much for coming! sorry didn't really get to say hi but was running around like crazy hehe..we didn't really get to take photos..and i can't seem to find my camera atm so the few i had are glad you and jacky you your fancy cam there =D

Dianna said...

em it was so great of you to come! and jacky too =)
see you this saturday!! woooot!
and don't worry, if you can't find those shorts anymore, just tell me this sat and i'll go find a pair at BNT =D They have the CUTEST santagirl lingerie and nurse's costume too!

JY said...

mwhahaha, twas awesome to see you and jacky at the concert! =D

sorry i was so rushed; twas v stressing about performance and what to wear lol. i literally only worked out what to wear like ... right before the concert lol.

talk to you tres sooooon =D

thegreatwhitehope said...

Hi Em! I saw you TWICE this weekend. No doubt you have had your fill of Matty for a while. It was a great weekend though! Glad to see you enjoed the show.

PiCkLeS said...

Trish: no worries I'll send you the pics the next time that i see you online!

Cynth: Thanks for a great show! we had an excellent time!

Di: Betty's going to try look for you today.

Jy: you looked stunning! that dress was an excellent choice! your wardrobe will never cease to amaze me!

Matty: Lucky me! hahha great job MCing! I think you're a natural born dancer!