Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On leave

Pay rises are sweet, to celebrate we went shopping!

We had thought about getting a Nintendo Wii since we played with Muz's one at Joel & Trish's engagement. We were still making up our minds when we were informed that it was double discount day for staff at Myer (through Baku I have a staff card). It was just meant to be, 20% off the console, extra wii remote, nunchuck and the Zelda game was an absolute bargain!

Jacky and his brother spent the next few nights doing this.

We've been looking at wedding bands for quite some time now, on Monday I finally picked one. It's exactly like the band pictured above, mine is in 18k white gold with 0.57 carats of diamonds in F colour. I love it! It's so beautiful and compliments my engagement ring so well. I picked it up yesterday and I can't wait till I get to wear it (8 months to go). I can't believe I'm admitting to this, but when no one is home I secretly wear it around the house....just for a little bit.

I extended my long weekend by taking some annual leave, today I went for a 1 hour full body massage at Escape day spa at Bondi (courtesy of my Kris Kringle Katina) it was just what I needed (my back kills from the Wii work out). I still have $65 remaining on my gift certificate so I think I will go for another massage in a few weeks time.

After my massage I saw that DJ's was having a shoe sale. Technically I wasn't wasting money because I still had the $50 voucher that I won at our work Christmas party. I ended up using it to help pay for a new pair of leather ballet flats.

I've also had my eye on these glass tea pots for a while (perfect for a tea party) they look particularly fabulous when you serve tea using flower tea bulbs. Not sure what I am talking about? check out this website. I bought my pot for $25 at T2 at Bondi Westfield, the flower tea bulbs were $4 for 2 and comes in different flavors. The strand sells a similar pot (with thicker glass) for $120.

Back to work tomorrow (and to the reality that applications for summer clerkships open next month), I am going to Danny Bhoy at the Opera house on Friday and I have a lot of birthdays coming up. Our 9 year anniversary is in 7 days and we've booked dinner for 2 at Aria where we are having their 7 course tasting menu - I can not wait! (can you feel my excitement radiating through the screen!?!? Thank you Sophia for such a lovely and generous Christmas present!).


Anonymous said...

in some bizarre way i feel like i'm the one who got the pay rise and am enjoying spending all my extra bucks! Ken

PiCkLeS said...

Living vicariously through me are you? come play wii! Hahha I didn’t actually end up spending that much, I had a $80 (house warming) voucher that went towards the Wii, $50 DJs that went towards the shoes and a $150 day spa voucher for my massage. Granted the ring did cost a bit but we would have spent that anyway because it’s the wedding band.

*sigh* no more vouchers left though!

Betty said...

Wii - I want to play Wii! How's the virtual boxing, is there virtual bruising involved?