Sunday, June 24, 2007

June already...

Around now is suppose to be the calm before the storm (i.e. clerkships), after last year I was so exhausted that I said to Jacky ‘I don’t know how long I can keep doing this’. But I recovered and took into account that the second time is always easier and I wouldn’t be painting, renovating and moving into a new house this time round.

Unfortunately work hasn’t been calm and our team is going through a massive period of change. My direct manager is moving to London for an unbelievable opportunity (I’m so excited for her but quietly devastated at the same time). A promotion has been presented to me but the weird thing is I’m still deciding if I want it. I have a few tough career decisions ahead which so far has left me tossing and turning and unable to sleep at night.

Jacky’s also been working really hard with late nights and bringing work home, we often look at each other in disbelief that it’s already the end of June. We’ve both been fortunate that we have been rewarded by work which has really eased the financial pressures that come with having a mortgage.

Enough of th serious stuff, here is a few photos from the last few days (I keep leaving my camera at home!).

The Argyle
Five bars and a cobblestoned courtyard, I'm loving the Argyle at the moment. Not so much for drinks on a Friday or Saturday night (who has time to wait in line that long?!!) but during lunch when there isn't many people around this place is fabulous.
The large wooden beams and old brick walls look amazing against the modern and colourful furniture, this is enhanced by special spot lights placed around the room.

You're probably looking to pay around $20 for a lunch meal here, above is a picture of their meat platter ($40) and dips platter ($30), these are great for sharing.

The Argyle
12-18 Argyle St.
The Rocks, Sydney
PH: (02) 9247 5500

Caught up with the ex-Hudson girls at Reena's place (Mandy bought Jordi along).

Reena whipped up the most amazing masamun curry (served on a banana leaf too!).

Eat City
We celebrated Jacky's birthday with his work friends at Eat city located at the top of the City Hotel. They've done a great job with renovating the venue and have turned it into quite a fancy little place (they have wine tasting every Tuesday).

The mains are around $21 and the servings are very small but the quality is good. To be full you probably need to have at least 2 courses.

Lamb Rump with French Beans a la lyonnaise $21
Wild King Fish on a warm salad of ox heart tomato, caper, olive and lemon $21

Eat City Restaurant
Level 1, City Hotel
349 Kent Street (Cnr King)
Ph: 02 9262 5900.

Went to Aria for our anniversary dinner last night, what an experience! Hope to post up some photos this week.

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