Friday, June 01, 2007

One long Saturday

Saturday 26 May, 2007

8:00am - Saturday was just one of the craziest days ever. It started with me rushing out to the city to try on a gown. I first saw the dress in the sale section on Tuesday, but to try any dress you need to book an appointment with a consultant. The store was so busy they were booked out for two whole weeks! My only other option was to line up early on Saturday (the only day where no appointments are taken).
So there I was on a Saturday morning (with Mum) waiting in line 40 minutes before the shop was due to open. I was second in line and 5 minutes later another 20 or so women showed up. When the doors finally opened they took down names and said they would call us up when they were ready. In the mean time I went straight to the rack where the dress was and started looking for it; I couldn't see it anywhere (my heart absolutely sank!). Mum didn't realise the gowns were sorted into sizes and disappeared in the size 12 section, she pulled out a dress and said 'this looks nice', lo and behold it was the exact dress I was looking for in a 6, hidden in the wrong section.

I left the store half an hour later gown in hand and with a big grin on my face. I still need need some minor alterations done but at least one big task has been completed!

After buying the dress I stopped at a cafe to have brekkie with Mum before rushing home to get ready for Wendy's party.

After 10 courses I had to leave the party early because I was meeting Cynth, Viv, JY, Ali and Candice for dinner at the Sebel Pier One, followed by a performance at the ballet.

This Restaurant is really lovely, it's not as bright or as busy as the picture above but you can comfortably talk to each other which is what we really liked about this place. The outside tables have heaters hanging above so it's nice and warm to sit outside right near the water.

The service is a little slow but the food is worth waiting for, we only had time for mains but I think everyone gave their dish a big thumbs up! We had 2 entertainment cards so we got 2 main meals for free - bargain!

Complimentary starter - smoked trout with bearnaise sauce, dill & capers Moroccon spiced lamb loin, falafel, chickpea & orange salad $33

JY had the pork strips on the specials menu
Fillet of grain fed beef, potato rosti, bearnaise sauce $34

The Fish of the day with a salsa sauce
Veal escallop, morel mushroom macaroni, wild rocket $32

The Sebel Pier One Sydney Hotel
11 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW
PH: 02 8298 9999

After dinner we went to watch Bodytorque Generations at the Sydney Theatre performed by the Australian ballet. I wasn't sure if I would like contemporary ballet but it was an interesting experience. The show was broken up into five 20 min acts - I definitely liked some acts much more than others. While I didn't always understand what was going on, I could really appreciate how fit and toned these performers were and the amount of training they would need to get to where they are.

After the ballet I said goodbye to the girls and caught a cab from The Rocks to Circular Quay, I had meant to catch it all the way to Newtown but the cab fare to CQ alone was $10! I would have walked if it wasn't so late at night. It took over 1 hour but at 11pm I finally made it for Bernie & Jill's farewell at the Bank Hotel Newtown.

Jilly I'm so sad to see you go but so excited for you at the same time!

By this time I was soo tired!

it was one longgggg day.


Viv said...

em, I only have one thing to say - naked male dancers. ok ok, not ACTUALLY naked but they surely looked it O_O

hahahah :D

PiCkLeS said...

hahah there was one act where I thought are they naked??? but i found it all a bit disturbing more than anything.

I think I will give classical ballet a go at some stage.

princess_party said...

hey em,
i just read some reviews on the paris opera ballet and i think you should def go and see them if you can afford it/can get tickets. great ballet companies rarely ever come to sydney and they are one of the top in the world..they are doing swan lake and jewels (by george balanchine - one of the greatest ballet choreographers ever and costumes by christian lacroix), i think itd be fantastic

PiCkLeS said...

Cynth: thanks for that will look into it. When do u leave for the UK?