Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wendy's 25th

When: Saturday 26 May, 2007
What: Wendy's 25th
Where: Allan's
During the week I received an invite from Allan for a surprise birthday party for Wendy, I hadn't seen his new apartment so I was quite excited to check it out + catch up with people.

I thought that the party would be KFC or steam boat but boy was I in for a surprise....Master Chef Allan had put together a 12 course sit down menu. I've known this guy since I was 16 who knew he could cook!??!

I have no idea what the names of the different courses were so I'll just make it up - ha!

Salmon sashimi marinated in an onion and vinegar dressing, finished with 2 slices of ginger

Fresh Tasmanian? Oyster with a slice of lemon

The dressing that Allan made for the salmon sashimi was spectacular! He could give some of the fancy restaurants a run for their money.

Phyllis' 'Wendy' salad mixed with a Japanese dressing (own creation) and topped with the all important Japanese Mayo.

Salmon and Tuna sashimi

I am going to get Phyllis' dressing recipe off tasted really good, similar to the one they make at Masuya that is on the salmon and avacado salad.

Prawn toast

Soba Noodles served with shallots and a Japanese soup

Prawn and vegetable tempura

Crumbed potato and mince balls

Frozen Sake granita with a hint of lime
I didn't get to stay for the last two courses because I had to rush out to the city for Dinner and the ballet. I have volunteered to host the next get together but Allan has well and truly set the bar for the next time we eat.
Happy Birthday Wendeeeee!

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