Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jilly! Jilly! Jilly!

Our tradition of eating out together every 2 months or so started about 7 years ago with Jill, Rodna, Caroline and I. After many eating adventures (unfortunately many without photos!) Caz left us for London.

We continued without her and our first visit as a trio was to Emma's on Liberty. When Sarah came back from Israel we asked if she wanted to join us and joked that she was Caz's replacement (not that we love you any less Caz!).

Dinner at Rise this week would probably be the last dinner for some time with this group, as Jill is also moving to London. At these dinners we often talk about our dreams and it's amazing to finally watch everyone live them.

We welcomed Belinda to the group and vowed that one day the people that you see in this photo + Caroline will all be eating together somewhere in London (maybe Paris even?).

So watch this space.

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