Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Road trip

Did someone say Lindt chocolate sale?!?! We're there!

About 2 weeks ago Jill received a flyer for the Lindt Chocolate sale at Eastern Creek, after seeing Helen's haul last year Jill, Sarah, Belinda, Rods and I were quick to formulate a plan on how to get there. This morning at 8am we all met up at Sarah's, the four of us (minus Rodna) set out on a little road trip to Eastern Creek. This was a pretty good effort for me because I didn't sleep till 2am after going out for drinks last night.

Eastern Creek is about 1 hour away, the place isn't too hard to find but we still managed to get lost! At one stage there was just bush and grass all around us, so we pulled out Beli's 2001 road map.

The trouble was, this whole area was only built in the last few years, so her map showed a big empty space of nothing! Jill finally pointed at the map and said "Look there's a sign with Lindt chocolate sale!"...I can't believe I looked =P

We eventually made a right turn following some dirt tracks left by a truck (that should have been a warning sign) it lead to another dead end. We realised that where we needed to be was on the other side of the footpath, with a tall pile of concrete and rubble in our way Sarah encouraged Beli to "Just drive through it!". Jill and I looked at each other and said "are you guys crazy! reverse! reverse!".

We could just imagine the headlines 'Girls missing in bush in search of a chocolate sale'.

We eventually found where we needed to be

The sale started at 8am and by 9am the line was from the warehouse door all the way outside past the gate and beyond. We waited in line for 1 hour, it wasn't too bad because there were 4 of us so we stood there talking about our travels and meeting up when we're all in London.

10am.....we were in!

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut Balls usually $10.00 a box, today it was $4 each or 3 boxes for $10.

packs of chocolate 3 for $10

chocolate blocks $2 each or 3 for $5, there were also some really cute tinned ones at $6 each, some boxes of the deluxe variety at 2 boxes for $10 and plenty more! I was a little disappointed that there wasn't the bag of pack-it-yourself Lindt this year, I think I could have given Helen a run for her money =P

When we finally stocked up, the line at the cash registers looked to be another long wait. The funny thing was, everyone had the biggest smile on their faces and just looked super pleased with themselves.

When we left at 11:30am there was still a massive line outside

This is what we bought between the 4 of us, yes we plan to eat it all....don't say it we know

Chocolate shopping is tiring work, the local Rotary club was throwing a sausage sizzle

We were starving and this was the best $2.50 sausage sandwich that I've ever had!

It turned out to be a really fun morning and this is what I came home with (I stuck with my favourites):
6 boxes of 12 Lindt balls @ 3 boxes for $10
6 tubes of 3 assorted Lindt balls @ 6 for $5
3 Bars of dark chocolate in various flavours @ 3 for $5

based on the prices that I found on Coles online shopping this would have cost me $83.84, everyone loves a good bargain!


Anonymous said...

What an adventure girls!!! hehee It was well worth the effort though! I've been indulging in choc every day since!! Mmmmmm Lindt!
Luv Belly

Anonymous said...


PiCkLeS said...

Belly: You are too funny...I swear if I want to live till i'm like old I'll never listen to you and Sarah again! Thanks for driving I know I can always count on you guys to wake up at 7am on a Saturday to go a chocolate sale!

PiCkLeS said...

Mark: is this like Mark Nam Mark? hahha you shouldn't be suprised, you know what it's like with me and food :P