Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh Calcutta

After a year over in London, Belinda returned with cravings for Indian Cuisine (curry is extremely popular over there). After hearing great reviews for Oh Calcutta we decided to check it out. I first read about this place in the SMH Good Food Guide where it had been awarded 'Best Indian restaurant' for a few years in a row.

The service here made our experience an interesting one, we were served by 3 different people throughout the night. The first lady was as sweet as pie and extremely helpful and passionate about the food. When it came time to order we were served by a different lady who we found a little rude. The duck curry that we wanted had sold out and she tried really hard to sell us the prawn curry (despite one of the girls telling her that she was allergic).

At one point she realised that our table had not been given the specials menu and she quickly rattled them off the top of her head. When we asked her to repeat what she said you could clearly see how annoyed she was, when she repeated the menu to us we found her tone really patronizing.

Just when we were ready to give this place a big thumbs down, the owner popped by to check on us; he was quite a character. He was really loud and full of energy (he kind of took us all a bit by surprise), he knew a few words of Greek and cracked jokes at my Greek friend for most of the night. It's really hard to describe what the atmosphere is like here because it was so different depending on who served you.

Now the food, the flavours here is nothing like your Indian take away at your local Westfields. The curry is less heavy, not as oily and you can really taste the different spices, this isn't necessarily better or worse - just different. The dishes do look small when they come out but at the end of it you will feel very full. The bill came to $200 which was $40 per person (which included tip + soft drink).

Entree - baby eggplant with roasted poppy seeds, tamarind and chilli, served with puris $4.90

Garlic Naan $4.00 Rice - Pilau with saffron $2.50pp

Maachi Chola $26.90
Kingfish with chickpeas, tomato, roasted cumin seeds and chaat masala

Murgh Muntaj $24.90
Chicken fillets marinated in tandoori spices, grilled in the tandoor, then sauteed lightly in a creamy cashew and butter sauce

Bakri Gosht $24.90
Milk-fed goat curry with coconut and ginger

Oh Calcutta
251 Victoria St
Darlinghurst, NSW
Tel: (02) 9360-3650
Fax: (02) 9331-3701

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