Friday, April 20, 2007

Something to entertain you

There’s a weirdo who keeps leaving nasty comments on my blog. It’s really quite entertaining so I thought that I would share it with you all. The funniest thing to this, is that this person comments as different people to appear as though they have heaps of support. They tend to hide behind (Anon, Pete from Perth and Anon2) I know it’s the same person because the ip address from the different comments is all the same. I can also see that this person spends an awful lot of time on my blog visiting different posts and looking through my albums and webshots. They spent over 1 hour here just in these last 2 days, a little strange for someone who dislikes what I write so much.

It all began when I wrote a post about my mother handing down some jewellery for my wedding; that post can be found here:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Special":

Wow you must be so rich and successful. So very rich and successful. I bow down to how good you are at being good. Honestly you are the most excellent person in the whole wide world.
You are so very obviously high class. Wow the ability to fine dine everywhere!!!
Such a modest person as well!! Not in any way concieted or obsessed with ones own image. Truely a well balanced individual.
We should establish a cult of pickles perks to workship your greatness!

Posted by Anonymous to PiCkLeS PeRks at Thu Mar 29, 12:33:00 PM EST

Maybe they can start my cult when they learn to spell conceited, truly and worship. I was actually quite curious as to how someone comes to the conclusion that one is trying to show off because they enjoy posting about food and is part of a food blogging community??

Sarah got a bit annoyed and posted this as a response:
Sarah said...
anon...I am generally not inclined to put people down, but F*** you are pathetic.

If a mother handing down a pretty bracelet demeans u in any way, than u truly are a low class freak who sadly has nothing to look forward to in life.

Ur contempt (clearly evident in your choice of words) shows with little doubt jealousy about a life very far from ur own disadvantaged one.

If you don't understand the idea of what it is to "blog" and tell of ur experiences, etc, then clearly stay away from this technology that you know so little about.

For someone who is usually so quiet she sure has fire! I’m glad Sarah is my maid of honour, I can count on her to keep vendors in shape if they ever step out of line.
Then yesterday Anon returned posing as 'Pete from Perth', he left this comment in support of Anon (which was really them self to begin with).

Pete from Perth has left a new comment on your post "Special":
(Claps to anonymous) I agree with you 100% dude! Clearly she's in love with herself. I feel sorry for the bastard who marries her. He must be filthy rich to accomodate her lifestyle. Fucking poor bastard. Sarah...STFU. You place yourself open to comments when you create blogs. If you dont want any comments at all then don't post. Or is it only the nasty ones you don't like? You like to have praises so you can love yourself more?

Ouch! that wasn't very nice and seriously no pity needed. You know the best thing though? No matter what this person thinks, at the end of the day it's my blog and I can delete comments as I choose...whatcha gonna do?
They also left this comment on Di's birthday post:

Pete from Perth has left a new comment on your post "Di's 22nd @ Harbour Kitchen & Bar":
Your blogs are very childish and WTF with all the pictures of food man? Havent you eaten food before or something? GROW UP and put naked pictures in.
So this guy is a weirdo and a perve.....gross!
Today Anonymous visited again this time posing as Anonymous2, they left this message in support of themselves.

Anonymous 2 has left a new comment on your post "Special":
Way to go Anonymous! You've got everything covered there. Cheers!Sarah, everyone has an opinion, so don't get angry just because its not a nice one. Just don't post blogs if you want any comments at all.

My first thought when I saw this was 'this person is so sad!' They clearly have no life if they spend lunch times reading a blog they dislike and leaving comments as anonymous (or hiding behind bogus names). Really my blog isn't all that interesting, even I can think of better things to do!

On that note I'm off to dinner & drinks with Viv and the girls, have a great weekend.


reverendtimothy said...

Trolling is apparently back in fashion now.

It first happened with the AOL boom, and then kinda died off as most people realised it's a waste of time.

Now with a whole new (and large) generation of MySpace and YouTube members commenting on everything... *sigh*

My YouTube account frequently gets trolled by random strangers. Personal vendettas I can understand, but random trolling?!

Ahh well. Fuck it. Post more food pics!! Mmm. :-)

PiCkLeS said...

This term 'Trolling' was new to me till Becky mentioned it....I'm so slow. I loved your latest water review. I didn't know you kept a youtube! I shall msn you for the address.

Vivien said...

*rolls eyes* see my recently posted comment on the Special post.

On another note.. yay oysters!!

Beckster said...

To be premptive, there are always going to be people who get on their pedestal and jump in with sentiments like "everyone is entitled to an opinion, they can say what they want and if you don't want feedback then don't put yourself out there rah rah'.

I'm a fan of 'freedom of speech' club too, but when someone poses as multiple anons and *claps* themselves (geez) whilst spewing negative BS then they're not contributing via different perspectives - they're a bona fide troll. Not even a class A one at that, as there's zero creativity in their commentary, elementary spelling and grammer.

Just proves there are many boring, stupid losers out there who get their kicks out of the strangest things. Their pathetic existence deserves our pity if you think about it. Don't stop writing because of them pickles.

Belinda said...

Gosh that is so weird! Don't worry about the loser, your blog is great.

cheers Belinda.

Anonymous said...

I am a frequent reader of your blog as well and I am enjoying your foodie post as well as your own personal thoughts and experiences.

I don't know you but from reading your blog, I think you are not conceited at all and just being yourself.

To Anon, Anon2 and whoever this pete guy is : If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

Tash said...

that is the most awesome one- man self- congratulatory dialogue (monologue?) I've ever read. I'm thinking anon might be a political speech writer :D

SoRMuiJAi said...

Usually people who go about trolling wants attention. Chances are, they have no friends or have no life. They're obnoxious in real life and hence get ignored by people because they're such twats. So they resort to trolling. Say something outrageous, insulting and out right stupid, and you get response from a whole herd of people.

Trollers = attention seekers.

Meanwhile, keep the blog up :)

lil_lamies said...

I am eagerly awaiting Anon's nasty comments about a blog that is dedicated to his little mindedness and intolerances...What could you possibly say about this Anon? No food pictures in this one.

Ayako1984 said...

What a freak. And to think that working in retail would already have shown me all manner of freaks. I just don't understand why some people are they ways they are.

Anyway, I like your blog! =)

DJ Ho said...

oh i thought you had some kind of internet stalker. I'll have to add 'trollers" to my vocab.

recently i went to Guzman Y Gomez at Newtown. it's ok mexican food, worth checking out if your there. nothing really special about it though.

Anna said...

hmmm. what a weirdo.

surely he realises your not the only person who takes photos of food and posts about them!?!? my god, he'd have a heart attack if he came to a sydney food bloggers lunch!

such a shame that people like that bring such a negative side to sharing yourself openly.

verdict: total freak.

thanh7580 said...

There are some weird people with too much time out there.

For the record, I like your blog and don't think you'r conceited at all.

I would have suggested that the comments might be a pratical joke from one of your friends but these comments go a bit too far. My friends sometimes leave silly comments posing as other people, but they always leave clues so that I can guess that its them.

PiCkLeS said...

Hi Everyone,

Not ignoring you all but I think that I've said enough about this so I will leave it as that.

Anna: he/she would have a heart attack indeed! can't wait till our breakfast!