Friday, April 20, 2007

Roula & Georges 25th

What: Roula & George's 25th
Where: Zenobia's Leichhardt
When: Saturday 14 April 2007, 7:30pm - 12:00am

It’s so easy to stick to old habits and dine at the same places rather than try something new, the girls and I are at Leichhardt quite often but you’ll always find us at the same two places. When Roula told us that her birthday dinner was at Zenobia’s I was really looking forward to trying somewhere new.

The restaurant is separated into 2 distinct areas, the inside section is cosy and decorated with bright cushions, swords and lanterns. As we had over 40 people our group sat in the outside area at the back. By pure chance the table behind us was a big group who went to KMH (our brother school) so it was a chance for a few people to catch up with old friends and old formal dates.

Due to the size of our group we went with the $40 banquet, there are times when banquet menus are not really worth the money, but this clearly isn't the case here. It wasn't so much that the servings were big, there was just a lot of it.

hummus and babaghanoush, vine leaves, fried eggplant
(the eggplant was fabulous I'm craving for it as I type)

Tabouli, mixed salad, spicy sausage with chilli and garlic
there's a name for the second salad (I highly recommend it) but I didn't catch what Anderee called it

During the meal music suddenly burst from the speakers and out came a belly dancer, I've seen many belly dancers but never a male! It was really interesting to watch. A few people from our table got pulled up to dance, I didn't want to go up so I would avoid all eye contact every time he came past.
Pastry with a mince meat filling, potatoes, falafel

We were soon entertained by another female belly dancer

Chicken & Lamb skewers, dessert was a plate of Turkish delight and baklava

Overall I really enjoyed my night here, I thought the food was excellent and there was plenty to go around. Andree and Roula knew people who worked there so our table was well looked after.

There was also another reason we were all asked to dinner, Roula & Andree wanted to announce that they are expecting a baby. Roula told us she wore a belt to hide her bulge...oh pleaseeee! there isn't an ounce of 'bulge' on you!

Everyone is super excited (there were a few bets on when this was going to happen) . Big congratulations to you both!

102 Norton Street
Ph: 02 9560 4131


SoRMuiJAi said...

If the salad has the crunchy fried lebanese bread, its Fatoush I think.

PiCkLeS said...

ahhh yes Fatoush! i love it!

lil_lamies said...

Lisa and I are still recovering from your stiff and extremely awkward stance as the Male belly dance lingered around you for longer than you cared for...priceless!