Sunday, April 29, 2007

ANZAC Day Bake off

When I was in primary school there was nothing I loved more than a bake sale. I taught myself how to make chocolate crackles, honey joys and toffees from an early age so that I could contribute something, but I always admired the Mum's who made cupcakes, slices and ANZAC cookies.
I'm part of the social committee at work and we're always after new ways (besides throwing drinks) to get people to interact with each other and to raise money for charity while we are at it. We decided that a ANZAC cookie bake off would be a perfect way to raise money for Legacy.
Setting up: We had 10 entrants, I also ordered lamingtons, sausage rolls and pastries for the bake off morning tea. You can't see the balloons in the photos but they took forever to blow up! It's time to invest in a pump.

A table was set up for the 3 judges...

This wasn't a big thing so we were suprised at how many people showed up, I was also really happy with the number of people that entered the actual bake off.

The winning cookie

I was too slow to grab an actual cookie (plus there were too many to pick from) so I ended up finishing the left over cookie from the judges table and 100% agree with their decision. The texture, flavour and look was just right!

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lil_lamies said...

some one break me off a piece of that!Delicious and helping charity, Win Win!