Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sex And The City Trivia night

Our Company donates a fair bit of money to various charities, one of these being the Breast Cancer Foundation. To be honest we're not sure how the invite came to us in HR...but you can guarantee that we're never one to refuse free drinks (even if it's on a Wednesday night).
The 6 of us who went, expected a low key trivia night (a warm up for Friday) but we had no idea that it would be such a fancy do. The theme was 'Sex And The City' and we were told to just wear pink. It turned out to be GREAT night!
There were unlimited cosmopolitans, wine, champers and finger cocktails

The waiters were all models with perfect skins, perfect hair and muscles that bulged from their tight pink shirts (it was as if these guys were plucked straight out of the show). As gorgeous as they were, we all agreed that we could never be attracted to a man who was more ‘pretty’ than us (this was metro gone wrong).

Wearing pink =P
Some guy from 9 to 5 magazine took a picture of us

There was heaps of sushi & oysters (we had cleared the lot when I took this picture). The second picture is of the chef who cooked fresh scallops for us as we waited.

There was an awesome live jazz band and Woody won a weekend away! (we told her that she had to take all of us).
Yay! We even left with show bags that had vouchers, nad's, shampoo and heaps of freebies.

Support a good cause and buy your pink ribbons!


petals said...

You always have so much fun!

*im so jealous*

PiCkLeS said...

Christine: haha last night was a bit unexpected. We seriously had no idea it'd be such a fancy night. I went in my work clothes and rocked up to everywhere looking very glam (lucky for the feather boas!)

We didn't win the trivia, but all through the night I just thought 'dammit' Christine would know this!

It's been so long since I've watched SATC that I totally forgot what Mirands name was and had to call up Betty to ask her! Best thing of the night was the unlimited cosmos

reverendtimothy said...

Oooohhh! Decisions, decisions! ... Would free oysters, free sushi and free cocktails be enough for me to put up with a whole night of ANYTHING to do with a Sex in the City theme? Hmmmm... I'd have to be drinking a LOT of those cocktails! Haha.

As you might've guessed, I've never been a big fan of Sex in the City. ;-) Haha.

Sounds like you girls had a great night out!!

Hmm... Perfect bulging muscles and a tight pink shirt, hey? So THAT'S where I've been going wrong all these years! :-P Hahahahaha

trish said...

fun fun!
are those orchids swimming INSIDE water? can they live like that or was it just decoration?

=) u really do always have so much fun though! hehe

PiCkLeS said...

Tim: there is absolutely no decision! the answer would be yes!!

RE: Perfect bulging muscles and a tight pink shirt the rate that you're going with the gym - won't be long! though if you want to go walking around with a bright pink tight t-shirt that's your call, I'm not judgying you! =x hehe

Trish: it was a table piece where they had big white pebbles at the bottom then orchids and floating candles on top. It looked amazing!! i'm so copying it when i have parties at home.

You only live once so you got to make the most of things! I think in life if you have a positive attitude you end up having a great time even if it's the most boring thing.