Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good Food & Wine show 2006

Today Jacky and I headed to the Good Food & Wine show at Darling Harbour and had a deliciously good time!

Our first stop was Donna Hay's 5 10-minutes dinners, I chose this show because I subscribe to the Donna Hay magazine. With my busy schedule learning how to make quick and easy dinners is exactly what I needed! We had some pretty good seats sitting 8 rows from the front smack bang in the middle.
After the show I renewed my subscription for another 2 years (at 50% off, bargain!) and had Donna sign the cookbook that came in the showbag. I also just wanted to point out Donna's massive diamond ring, when the camera man zoomed in on it she exclaimed "I deserve my bling bling...why? because my husband comes home to dinner ready on the table!". I think there were a lot of women in the room wondering where their bling bling was.

A bouquet of flowers was so the 90’s, how about a bouquet of fruit or chocolate or cookies instead? =P

Then there was the taste testing (a lot of it!), if yogurt, frappes and chocolate dipped strawberries wasn't your thing then you could always go for a jar of snails.

Some one asked me for my 'I Love Food' bag whilst I stood here sampling some Kan Tong wok star green curry, who does that??

If you haven't been it's not too late, the show ends tomorrow (if you love food you'll enjoy this show) so make sure you go!


BEVERLY! said...

I went there too :) has pics, but I didn't post close-ups, too many ;)

went to the Bill Granger show, it was hilarious! Wish I caught Donna Hay's too though

trish said...

awww...i wanna go there! the cranberry photo i like! but i don'tlike cranberry juice.

and i just wanted to say re some comment you posted elsewhere: don't cut hair! i like your hair :(!!!! =)

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Ooh you are such a prompt poster! We're headed there tomorrow, er, today. Can't wait. Thanks for the preview photos!

princess_party said...

gosh looks like a lot of fun em..i would go for all the little testers..i like trying bits of everything..maybe next year..

noodles said...

... how did u buy TWO BAGS worth of stuff? i walked away with some cheese and that was it.

I was distraught that i didnt find any takoyaki makers thugh, i was pretty hyped abt that =(

but none the less it was great fun =) thanks for the secret password =)

Bosco said...

DAMN... please warn on advance...

Belinda said...

We went yesterday as well, and as I type am eating one of those flower cookies! My friend works for 'eadible blooms' - such a great idea. Great blog. :)

PiCkLeS said...

Beverly: Thanks for stopping by, yeah there was so much to try that you don't quite know where to start. I was full just from taste testing.

Trish: def worth going next year! though there's always good food week to look forward to in October. RE: hair, it's grown so long that the ends are rather dry (also kinda sick of looking the same).

Helen: have fun! I always love reading about the same event from a different perspective.

Cyth: It's is good, though kinda play tricks on yur tummy if you are not too careful...or worse is when you only get a sample of something and you're dying for more!

Muz: How was Bill? by the time that we bumped into you Jacky had alreay taken back 3 bags to the car. We bought things like cupcake paper thingos with smiley faces, the gyoza shapers and we got heaps of freebies - chips, water, tuna & chocolate and then there were the shows bags like Donna Hay and superfood ideas. Maybe I just have a terrible ability to find things to spend money on.

Bosco: I posted about this about a month ago. I was even offering a code to buy a ticket get one free!

Belinda: Thanks for dropping by, the cookies and choclates hampers look too pretty to eat!

Dianna said...

oh i really missed out didn't i!!! =(

hey the Ediblebouquets are so much cheaper than floralfruits!!!

jenjen said...

I was there as well! Although i haven't gotten around to posting it. I also took a photo of those cute edible flowers. I would love a whole garden full of them!

PiCkLeS said...

Di: Don't worry there's always next year. You wouldn't have enjoyed it being unwell and all. Edible bouquet seems cheaper than floral fruits but i think floral fruits does a better job (also their bouquets are bigger). I loved the one that you got Trish! You can't get that one at ediblebouquets.

Jen: love the recipes on your site!

jeut said...

Were there any chilli stalls?! :-D

Mmm... chilli!

reverendtimothy said...

"I deserve my bling bling...why? because I like to reinforce gender sterotypes! hooray for taking a backwards step for womankind!"


Looks like you had a yummy time, Em. Not that I'd expect anything less!

Hey, are you attached to that "I (heart) Food" bag? Because you know, if you don't want it or anything... Hey, can I have it? :-P

Anonymous said...

OMG that looks so good! Can you sample everything they put on the tables or do you have to pay for something?

What's in the I love food bag? haha

I'm so jealous! It looked like a bloody good show to go to =(

PiCkLeS said...

jeut: I don't even think that I made it round to every got so crowded!

Tim: Hey! I'd be sooo happy to just stay home and do house things all day! Away with this whole career woman thing i say!

And no....go get your own bag =P

Anon: you only have to pay for entry fee and basically you can sample to your hearts desire!

pinknest said...

ohgod what sampling!!! :)