Friday, June 23, 2006

Go You Good Thing!

What a way to start the morning!

It was one of those games that had your heart racing till the very end. I tend not to watch sports, not because I don’t enjoy watching it but because I get so into it that I will literally have mini heart attack right on the spot.

My mum is the same; it’s so funny watching this usually quiet and timid lady shout abuse at the TV. My sister who watches every sport under the sun was soon to discover how annoying it was to watch a game with us. She amused herself by watching the way that we would strangely contort our bodies as the tension built.

My work even went as far as to invite staff and their partners to watch the game on our big screen TV. A full hot breakfast would be provided and the company would subsidise up to $20 for a cab for anyone arriving before 6:00am.

Can’t wait till next Tuesday!


noodles said...



Natasha said...

don't lawyers usually arrive at work before 6am anyway, har har har

Bosco said...

Kalac should be shot, I was cheering so hard when he caught the ball cleanly.

princess_party said...

wow thats generous of your work..or is it so that once you're in the office you can't chuck a sickie like alot of people are doing because of the world cup!

PiCkLeS said...

Muz: hahha you Hoon!

Tash: *speaking with her HR hat on* why we promote work life balance of course!

Bosco: yeah mum was screaming at him and had this whole theory that he had taken bribes. Seeing that we've won I'll forgive and put it down to an off day.

Cynth: yeah that's why i didn't go in! cos i thought what on earth am i going to do between 7am and 8:30am - though now i realise that I could have stayed back to watch Japan vs brazil.