Monday, November 07, 2005

Pilates class #1

I tried my first class of pilates today and despite what it is starting to sound like I assure you that I am NOT a health freak. This has been the most exercise that I have done since high school (that’s if you don’t count the 5km JP Morgan charity run last year where I nearly died and had sore muscles for over 1 week!).

It’s an 8-week course and occurs every Monday during lunch, one of the ladies at work is trying to get certification to be a pilates instructor and needs to hold a series of classes before she’s recognised, so the good thing for me is that it’s all free.

So what did I think?

I’m not sure whether it’s because we were all beginners but I found the class to be very slow. There was many times where I found my mind wondering off to what I was having for lunch or if there were bugs in the carpet. Pilates seems to be made up of a lot of breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises and whilst it felt good it wasn’t particularly fun.
I think that in 1 hour I got a much better work out at pole dancing than pilates. I’m going to keep at it though; hopefully by the end of the classes you will see a much fitter, more energised and toned me!


Dianna said...

yeah em, when I was in melb I went to a beginner's pilates class, and found it boring and slow too.
but once me and Ken went to fitness first's mixed (beginners and advanced) class, and that was SO much fun and a great workout. sore tummies for days to come.
I think with pilates the beginner movements are important but always boring and anticlimatic. So just hang in there! give it a few weeks and it'd certainly start getting challenging and exciting =D

SoRMuiJAi said...

I gave up pilates after a few months because I got to the stage where it wasn't a workout anymore and the classes were too relaxing. (I started semi snoring in the middle of a class because I almost fell asleep on the ground) But its good muscle toning. You'll discover muscles you didn't know you had!!

fool on said...

Check out Hoitak's first pilates experience:

Maybe you should convince him to take up pole dancing instead!

Bosco said...

Ivan man... c'mon man, be fair, Hoi's back can't handle pole dancing...

Em you should start keeping all these secret arms around... like arms of mass destruction... lol

PiCkLeS said...

Di: i hope it picks up but all this exercise stuff is making me feel great!

Lils: have you signed up for pole dancing yet? I hear Mey is going to give it a go.

Ivan: hahha done.

Bosco: what on earth will i do with so many arms when i can't even get a decent massage??

SoRMuiJAi said...

We're signing up tonight! It was put on hold for a few months cos she had uni, I was on holiday/new job, christine's broken ankle etc etc, but its finally happening!!

princess_party said...

yup yup I agree with Di, beginners pilates can be boring but when you hit the more advanced stuff its quite fun (and very challenging!)
pilates gives u muscles in your butt you never knew you had!
i found the most entertaining part of pilates was watching the 1 or 2 guys out of a class of 20+ struggle and squirm with the moves hehehe!

victoria a said...

hey pickos, I saw you on TV last night!!!! hahah :P

PiCkLeS said...

Vics: would you believe that i was so outraged by Dan being voted out that i missed the farewell clip at the end. However people messaged me after to tell me i was a 'celebrity' haha and the receptionist asked me for my autography Monday morning. There you go my 2 second claim to fame!

Did i look like a dickhead?

Dianna said...

what tv? where?
tell me alllll!

Hoi said...

Bosco - shut up, haha.

Emily - I think pilates does depend to a large extent on the instructor, because everyone follows him/her in what they do in the class. The Saturday instructor at Fitness First, she goes through a whole heap of stuff and by the end everyone is sore; the Tuesday instructor is a fair bit slower and I'm not nearly as sore afterwards, just a bit tired. Having said that, the people in the Sat class are generally younger than the ones on the Tuesday, so maybe it's just catering to the group.

In your case, since it was the instructor's first class ever, she's probably still trying to figure out what she's doing. I think pole dancing and pilates exercise different muscles (although I wouldn't know for sure, having never done the former), so they could be both valuable in their own right?

And how did your Terry Biviano shoe sale turn out?

victoria a said...

No way!!! You girls look very pretty and funky with the banner.
I still can't believe he's gone grrr *shakes fists*

Sophia said...

You were on tv? o_O

So they finally showed the footage _after_ Dan got voted out?

DJ Ho said...

did yoga at work once, and i almost died. i think its because my body wasn't used to being stretched and twisted and generally ain't that flexible. Now imagine if i did Pilates???!!