Saturday, November 12, 2005

Random things..

I was eating rather brown toast one morning when it caught the attention of my manager. He noted that I was eating vegemite and asked if he could have some vegemite too. I had to explain that I didn't have any vegemite and was in fact only eating plain toast. I burnt it by accident, but seeing it was my last 2 slices I ate it anyway... when was I ever one to turn away from food?
Happy Birthday Ming! Hope you had a great night at Opera Bar last night sorry we didn't stay long! It was great to finally meet Mai, she seems lovely.
Di’s wrist turned a little nasty looking after pole dancing today, so we went with her to the doctors to have it checked out. It was quite a funny moment when the doctor mistook her for a Med Student trying to get by, by being a sex worker on the side (see Di’s recount of the story here).
Pole dancing also went up a notch this week and today I learnt how to hook the pole with the back of my leg before using my body weight to spin down and around the pole. We also learnt the first moves to our dance routine. If anyone thought pole dancing was a piece of cake…check out the bruises I got on my leg today.


Dianna said...

you looked so good at PD today.
don't deny it!!

fool on said...

OUCH. Pole dancer's need love too...

M1NG said...

Hey Emily, thank you and Jacky for coming along, pity you guys couldnt stay longer..and thank you for the pressie, I will surely make use of it in very soon!