Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fund Raising @ Work

Every year we support Starlight to raise money for kids with cancer. This year we're trying a few different things from lolly guessing to lunch time cook ups!
I have a very talented girl at work who makes jewellery for fun, she doesn't usually sell her pieces but at the moment she is selling a few pieces at work and donating part of the profit to Starlight to help make the dreams of a little boy & girl come true.
James is a 7 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy (sorry Di told you the wrong illness last night but checked at work this morning) and his wish is to 'see carols by candle light with his mum in Melbourne'. So if you would like to contribute, please make a purchase of something below. They are all handmade and good quality, unlike the $12 earrings you can buy from Diva I have found that these do not discolour even after a long time. They would make a great X'mas gift (so email me if you're interested as some pieces are one off).

Necklace $100

Above earrings Left to Right $70, $60, $35

(*edit first pair sold out - till further notice)

Above earrings all $40 (Real Crystal)

(*edit first pair gone but avail in blue or red beads)

If you think that they look nice here, you should see them real life! unfortunately I'm not very good with the camera yet and had to take the pictures quickly during lunch time.


Bosco said...

I would purchase... but like... I can't use these... pretty though, very Cleopatra

PiCkLeS said...

I work in jewellery so it takes a lot for something to impress me. I musta say that I really really like Jenny's stuff! there's a lot of detail in her pieces from the 'theme' to how the colours are put together and arranged.

I watch her at lunch and i can just see how much care she puts into each piece. She doesn't usually sell her stuff but i peer pressured her into it because it was going to waste if people couldn't see what she's made! plus it's for a good cause!

Thanks to all the people that have placed orders!

DJ Ho said...

Yes, if i was in the market for some bling, I might consider. How can you pay out Diva? It's awesome! The only place where you can pick up 50cent earrings whilst getting elbowed by some other maniac chick. Pink and white decor and everything under $12!

I've actually got a friend that does similar work (handcrafter jewellery) and she sells its at Paddington market.

Michael said...

is it jenny nguyen? thats making the jewellery?

PiCkLeS said...

Michael: hahha yes it is actually, are you a friend of hers?

Meyshia said...

Hey Em,

I like the blue earrings with the fans. Let me know if they haven't been taken yet :)

PiCkLeS said...

Mey: OooO theres been 4 orders for those so I'll have to see if she has any fans left I'll email or msn you with what she has.

victoria a said...

I'll take the first set of earrings.. the ones with the small green beads with leaves on the end if noone's taken it :D

PiCkLeS said...

Hi Vics!

uhm the $70 pair? I love those! the green and purple are actually crystals. I ordered one for myself and i think that theres been 2 more requests since.

I'll let Jen know but she might not be able to make it straight away?

we're a little overwhelmed, we didn't expect to have so much interest! but i'll speak to you on cookiejar cos i just realised that i don't have your email!

michael said...

yeh im a friend of hers, would it be possible to pass me her email address? cheers

PiCkLeS said...

Michael: I've run it past Jenny and she wants to work out who you are before she gives out details.

trish said...

good work em! i think i need an earring hanger that looks so convenient!


keep it up!