Sunday, July 24, 2005


Just got home from Matty's & Rick's joint birthday, theme - Jocks and Cheerleaders it turned out to be a fantastic night! Met a lot of new faces and extra props to Matty for a great speech. I think that it was the first time that I went to a party where the average UAI in the room was 99.5 - it's a daunting thought.
Here are a few photos that I took, I'll put the rest in an online album later.

B'day Boys

This Pic cracks me up

Party People

Speech! Rick looking a bit embrassed. This is when Matty warned 'Girls don't flirt with my brother'

JY, Viv, Ken

JC, Me, JC - Go Team!

Left: The amazing Trish + Viv with bat. Right: Jc giving a speech

Left: Matty Butt shot

I stole this pic from Trish Thanks Trish

This must be a record for the number of pics I've posted for any one entry.


trish said...

bags first to comment! haah hey emily =) great meeting you today...sorry didn't get to chitchat. i was uber tired 20mins ago....and now i'm ready to check out my pics. nothing spectacular but the people made them fun =)! gnite!

Vivien said...

haahha hiiii Em glad you had a good time, I did too! though I'm definitely telling myself NEVER to take a photo from the above-up angle if I ever wear those shorts again.. :O

Dianna said...

HEY EM! oh gosh it was so good meeting you finanlly and jackie too! :)
I didn't get to say bye to you last night I would have loved to but nevertheless... BYE! =)
I hope to see you very soon


PiCkLeS said...

Hey Trish! that was very quick! great to finally meet the photographer behind all the great pics.

Viv: I was thinking the same thing for my skirt. Now every time i see the chicks from the Nelly clip i think of you! ahahha

Di: Yeh i didn't know where you guys went off to, but I'm positive we'll cross paths again. Cya around!

Ken said...

hey what up Em...!

Really great finally meeting you and Jackie. And thanks for the advice haha... Best of luck at work, sounds like you know your stuff and you are a dream employee.

Look forward to seeing more of Team Foster(?!) in the future.

thegreatwhitehope said...

Hey Em! Thanks again for the present and for coming and putting in such a huge effort! It was awesome =) I hope you had a fun night and enjoyed the food and the company and the music and everything. I got to talk to Jacky for a few minutes at least, he seems like a really cool guy.

princess_party said...

em! it was awesome to finally meet u in person and jacky too =) i loved the team foster shirts hehe. i thought ur cupcakes were yummy! i probly should have been less lazy and taken more photos (i took 1 the whole night) but im sure i'll be seeing ya around =)

JC said...

Hey Em!

What advice did you give Ken?

I feel like i missed out on the cupcakes now!

PiCkLeS said...

Ken: Yup sure will. And like i said everything will come in good time.

Matty: Thanks again for the invite!

Cyn: Sorry we didn't get to chat as much. We should catch up next time when you're back to your best.

Jc: So many Jc's but i assume this one is Joel? Ken is suffering from generation Y syndrome - the "I want it all right now & Matty get's a car through work and I don't =P" I was just telling him that I have no doubt he'll do really well and be where he wants to be and earn what he wants to earn down the track. He just has to give it some time.

Thanks for giving me the low down on everyone at the party Sat night! I am now in the know.

JY said...

Wooot! Totally awesome meeting you in person.=D

And you're super more pretty in person too, dude. ;)

PiCkLeS said...

hahhaha thanks JY! I'm not a massive fan of photos but i figured that years later i'm going to need pics to remind me.

Cya later!