Monday, July 18, 2005

The Boscos

Indeed Bosco is quite a unique name, but alas there is another! Meet Jacky’s cousin Bosco Lau.

And this is his brother Christopher who stole my heart years ago *so cute*.

Miss you guys! hope that we get to visit soon.


On a totally different note *winks* at Betty.


Bosco said...

YEah! dats right, we're the SHIZNIT.... hahaha

i remember a time when i was cute... hope he doesn't turn out like me though...

fool on said...

Love is overrated. I Love my girlfriend, I Love my family, hell I even Love my friends. Only person I don't care much for is myself. Sorry for being off-topic.

fool on said...

Opps sorry for posting off-topic too.

Back on the topic of Bosco. Just make sure you don't make the poor guy wear nerdy, thick, wire rim glasses and the same stupid Phoenix Suns cap for the first 4 years of his high school life. All the rest will take care of itself.

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: and like yearsss ago before I even heard the name Bosco I named one of my Teddy Bears Bosca, when I eventually got her a boyfriend I named him Bosco.

But don't worry I'm not going to call my kids Apple or Xerox or anything like that...not that I am saying there is anything wrong with those names =P

Ivan: hahah that was quite random, but i think that you really have to start treating yourself good before you can be the best person that you can be for the other people in your life.

You went to high school with Bosco too?

Bosco said...

Yeah, Ivan knows me pretty damn well. he's the first person i met in high school and we still hang out. So what he said wasn't really random.

haha... Xerox... that's such a MAD name... hahaha, I can just imagine this conversation at the bar;

"hey, how are you doing? My name is Xerox, last name Epson. Whats yours?"

PiCkLeS said...

hahha no no I meant the love thing was random.

Lisa said...

ooohhhh winks at betty... ok im not meant to be partaking in this.

Betty said...

There will be no winking ladies! I'm sorry to let you all down, again :)

fool on said...

I was originally posting to your below entry "Trying to Understand".

Probably what I should have said is that I don't mind too much what happens to me - whether I become rich or die trying etc. I'd rather see others go well: wife to have beautiful children/ children to grow up strong and healthy/ family to live a long and healthy life/ friends that become successful.

But if I frame it like that I guess most people would feel the same way and it would sound like some cop out statement.

I just sounded like a fucken hero didn't I? What a waste of "internet-internet" (in a lebo accent).

Yeah ok fine what I said above was totally random.