Saturday, July 02, 2005

Korean BBQ

Jacky never celebrates his birthday's because it falls right in the middle of Uni exams, so I thought what the heck I'm going to throw him a suprise one! Even though it was 2 weeks late we had a great night!

Thank you to everyone that came and for helping me pull it off (It almost didn't happen because Jacky thought he was going to dinner with the girls and he didn't want to go... but don't get me started).

Special props to Piny & James for their very creative Tuvok card and Glen and Joe for making such a cute couple (awww).

I'll send you guys the link to the larger size pics via email.


LeeSa said...

wow, that was quick! yumyum food in my tummy!

Sarah said...

It was a great nite Ems and Jacky!!! Great food...we were stuffed!!!

Hope u liked the surprise Jacky!!!

Bosco said...

I hate how clothes smell terrible after hotpot or korean bbq, other than that it's all good...
there should be a speically developed odour neutraliser for clothes specially made for these occasions

PiCkLeS said...

Hot pot isn't too bad but Korean BBQ leaves you smelling pretty awful afterwards. I asked my friend for a good way to get rid of the smell, he looked at me and replied "go to Karaoke and gas yourself with cigarette smoke".

I'll stick with the BBQ smell instead.

jacky said...

Thank you everybody for coming! it was definitely a very nice surprise. And especially to Emily for pulling this off heehe.

Those who know me will know that I'm not very dramatic when it comes to 'reactions' but dayem, I had no idea what was going on!

One by one, I saw each of them waiting there, and I was thinking .. "What the heck is going on here ?! This is a big coincidence!!"

and FYI, I still maintain it wasn't that I didn't want to go dinner with the girls, it was because I was napping and was just trying to wake myself up! :P

PiCkLeS said...

Don't lie Jacky you were having a sook in general! I was ready to give you a good kick up the bum. Not only that you felt the need to do everything in slow motion!

Glad you enjoyed it, was good catching up with everyone.

Betty said...

JC, I saw you sitting there pouting in the corner, I know you didn't want to come to dinner with the girls! P.S two days latter and I still can't get the smell of cooked tongue out of my hair =(

Lisa said...

im so upset i missed it, sounds like fine family fun. JC i was talking to betty while you were driving to parramatta, and even she told me you were being a massive baby, so dont lie you were being a sook haha! Happy Birthday JC