Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Common Sense?

I had meant to blog about this yesterday but forgot about it until now. I caught up with one of my clients on Tuesday and during the visit I noticed that there was a new person in the admin team that my colleague had placed earlier. The previous candidate was a 19 yr old who had worked for the company before. He had a good track record his referees spoke highly of him; apparently he turned into an absolute diaster!

The role was suppose to be an ongoing contract, in the 2 weeks that he was there he managed to not show up to work twice with no call or explanation. When he was spoken to about this issue, he was fine for the next few days until one day he rocked up to work stoned. The final straw came when Friday was a mufti day and he showed up with jeans and no shirt on.

Go figure…


Lisa said...

maybe the empreor's clothes were made from such fine silk you couldnt see them :)

Betty said...

what a fabulous outfit!

PiCkLeS said...

maybe we should introduce him to... could be that whirlwind romance? =P

Bosco said...

haha Mufti day, haven't heard that term since high school

fool on said...

I was working for this law firm last year through a recruitment agency, and we needed more paralegal help. Being the amateur recruitment consultant that I am/was, I called absolutely everyone who I thought would have half a shot at the job.

A friend of mine personally vouched and recommended this girl from UTS, so I recommended her to my recruitment agency and to the firm.

She got the job. On her first day, at around 2pm, she tells us "I'm going downstairs for a cigarette." She never came back, the fucken bitch!

I couldn't believe it! I had put my rep on the line for this person on the basis of what my friend told me. I was giving hints to the partners and feeding the recruitment consultant all the lines. So I felt responsible for bringing in a dud, and my hopes of becoming the recruitment partner came crashing down before my eyes... haha so it wasn't that drastic but you get my drift.

By the way I looked on her desk and she left a half-written letter applying for a solicitor's position... silly bitch spent half a day writing this cover letter and left!!! I mean coming from UTS law is already disadvantage enough, but walking away after 5 hours without notice is just poor form and equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. You would have thought she could at least ride out the rest of the day!

The legal world is a small one - people talk and everyone knows each other. Word is that she'll never get a job at a top-tier again... hopefully for her sake she becomes an accountant.

PiCkLeS said...

It's so true! the world is a very small place and I'm a great believer that you must do the right thing by people.

Even in my experience a client once rejected a payroll candidate because when the candidate was 18 he worked at Hungry Jacks and quit with out giving a reason - he just up and left. Fast forward 8 years this same candidate applied to a role with a client who happened to be his Hungry Jacks manager all those yrs ago. The manager remebered his name and declined his application.