Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Market day #2

Saturday, September 16 - Glebe Markets

After waking up early to do our weekly house chores (how grown up of us) Jacky and I headed out to the Glebe markets (secretly hoping that we would stumble on the perfect piece of art work for our lounge room).

The Glebe markets was definitely not what we expected, instead of food and art it was full of young aspiring designers selling their hand painted singlets and handmade jewellery. After a while all the jewellery started looking the same but I was quite impressed with the selection of dresses on show (perfect for summer).

If you like the Paddington markets you'll like these markets. The Glebe markets are located right next to the Broadway Shopping Centre, where parking for the first 3 hours is free. There are a few nice salad and gozleme stalls but you're better off having a meal at one of the cute cafes near by.

Farmers Markets - Entertainment Quarter

Ever since I bought my own place I've been obsessed with flowers. I love them, I can't get enough! it makes our house smell lovely and keeps it looking alive and beautiful. If you were to buy them at the local flower shop each week, it would cost you an arm and a leg.

Solution? Buy them at the markets! I had planned to make a trip out to Flemington each week but parking is a nightmare. I was sooo happy when Helen posted about the Farmers Markets at the Entertainment Quarter (what would I do without the girl!?!). Not only was there food & 2 hrs of free parking but there was fresh flowers - lots and lots of them.

I spent $16 and left with 2 bunches of oriental pink lilies (I saw them for double the price at a flower shop in Circular Quay the next day).

Next week, St Kilda Markets - Melbourne!


JB said...

Emily, tremendous social blog. Congratulations!! ;-)

Sophia said...

Aw, Melbourne. *Jealous*.

Some of the Baku girls said they'd sell jewellery at the Glebe Markets.

JY said...

Wow, Glebe looks like it's cleaned up a lot since the last time I went. I shall definitely try and make a trip there! Summer dresses yay! =)

lil_lamies said...

Can’t believe we were at the Glebe markets at the same time, and we managed to miss each other. Also cannot believe we both looked at that Napoleon Dynamite pen. Must blog that pen soon. Thanks again ems


Dianna said...

oi, call me when ur down.
i'll go to st kilda markets with you IF YOU'LL HAVE ME!

AteLate said...

hahaha Sorry couldn't contain myself. Was there as well ! Had the gozleme (which had a HUGE line). Some of the stuff from Hand made looks interesting. Again, missed you and Jacky, but considering there weren't many tall looking asians, he shouldn't have been hard to spot ! hahaha

jenjen said...

I was at Glebe Markets that exact day as well! I wonder if I saw you but just didn't know it was you.
I ended up buying three dresses that day. Which means I have to declare this summer, dress season.