Friday, September 15, 2006

Henckel Vs Global

I've always been a Henckels girl; a few years ago I bought mum the exact set that is pictured below. It cost a fortune but I believe that a good set of knives is a must for any household especially when you loving cooking!

As much as I longed for it, I hadn’t planned on buying a set for myself until I got a pay rise (or bonus). However I have since been approached by some very special friends who have informed me that they had meant to surprise me with a set for my birthday/house warming/X'mas but decided it was better that I chose the set that I wanted.

I am still really uncomfortable with them spending so much (especially when I feel as though I have done nothing to deserve it), but I also know that they will do it despite my protests.

So...I need some help deciding. I know what the Henckel knives are like because I used them at Mum’s, but from watching TV I’ve been really interested in the Global range of knives. I’ve been told these knives are very well suited to Asian cooking and are great for slicing and dicing (which is an area that the Henckels could improve in). I’d greatly appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer, alternatively in you have any other recommendations please let me know.

Zwilling Henckel 4 Star
8 Piece Block Set

Global Millennium
7pc Knife Block Set


noodles said...

yeah it depends on what type of cooking u prefer.

I think what puts global on top of henkel is the vegetable knife, wide top. That wide top pretty damn useful for slicing and dicing, u rarely have to worry abt the knife every leaving your finger tips, and the curved blade makes it behave much like a chefs knife.

ive bought one knife and its that type =)

Bosco said...

what about a multipurpose asian cleaver?

lil_lamies said...

Or an all purpose Swiss army knife? Small and handy?...

BeeBee said...

i received the same set of Global knives you have pictured last xmas and love to use them. They're great especially for asian cooking. i like how Global are more lighter compared to the Henckel, so great for the hands. And they look nice and modern sitting on the kitchen bench too!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

I prefer Global.

Knives are always a matter of personal preference though, esp with regards to blade balance and handle weight. Perhaps compare how they feel in your hand at the store, or even better, borrow a friend's and see how you go with it. Global are lighter though, and I think they are better suited to smaller hands.

Sean said...

personally think that Wustofs are the best of all....far better value than the henkels and no slippery handles like the globals (which to me are more fashion than function).

reverendtimothy said...

Putting design to one side for a moment, how are these knives different?!

How is one sharp blade different from another sharp blade?

"Omg if you're cutting Gai Lan for an asian dish, you totally need to use a Global knife! But if you're cutting lettuce for a Western salad, you absolutely need the Henckel!" :-P Hahaha.

It's true that some professional, full-time chefs will have a preference based on comfort and durability... but function? Come on, it's a goddamn knife! Haha. You're making this a lot harder than it has to be! :-P Hehe

PiCkLeS said...

Muz: I should have tried your knife out last night, but it did look pretty good!

Bosco: Yeh we have to buy one of those too.

Tiwns: In yr 7 after that man followed me home, I bought one for self protection but dad took it off me because he said that I would stab myself instead.

beebee: I'm very keen on the Global set but I'm trying to decide if I'm ok with not having the scissors and the sharpening rod. The vegetable knife of the Global set looks pretty useful.

Helen: Yeah Jacky prefers the Henckel because he likes how it's heavier, but since he doesn't do the cooking he's left it up to me to decide.

Sean: I was looking at the wusthof ones but it's a bit out of my price range.

Tim: you just don't understand, cooking is a process and having the right tools adds to the enjoyment. Even at half price this will cost a few hundred so you want to be making the right choice.


Thanks for your input everyone!

Anonymous said...

Global Knives 7pc Millennium Block Set $279.00

Natasha said...

I'm just a little freaked out by the fact that there's an entire post dedicated to knives

Sarah said...

Ha Ha Ha!

Omigod, I so remember that weirdo that followed you home everyday. I remember you sent me an exact description incase anything ever happened to you.

As far as I remember, he was short, Asian and a looked a little not right in the head?!?!? Right?

LOL...oh the memories!

As for the knives...wouldn't have a clue, but try before u buy. Each is diff and u must choose what suits you.

shez said...

My friend has a set of globals for chef school and they're ridiculously sharp - you'd really want to watch your fingertips (or fingernails as he found out) if you're using them. and as for the sharpening rod, the globals slice through just about anything and after almost a year of intensive use haven't shown any signs of blunt-ness :)

it does come down to what you're used to though. we use woolies scissors at home cos we can hack things to bits with them and go out to get a new pair when they look like they're about to fall apart!

NfOrCeR said...

mmm was in the zwilling henckler store in Geneva, Switzerland just this weekend! soooo many knives to choose from :)

I wanted to get one of their bottle openers, but they only had those cork lifter ones and not the old style ones that I use (doh!) so I had to get italian one instead.

Annyways. yes global and hencklers, its a matter of personal preference, theyre both very good brands and last a lifetime!

AteLate said...

If you can't decide and want to support the aussie battler try the Furitechnics (I havent tried it, but they do have some pretty good reviews). The SMH young chef of the year gets a full set of these knifes...Phillip Wood is so lucky. Anyway check it out for yourself emily, if you have the time.