Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hanging in there

Last week I did 35 interviews in 5 days, that's 7 interviews each day with 1 hour lunch break in between.
This week I have another 35.
Next week I have 1 week to catch up on my usual HR duties, respond to the emails in my inbox (which is just out of control) and action meeting requests. I also need to finalise 2nd interviews before flying down to Melbourne for our national 'HR Retreat' (I lose my whole weekend!).
Then when I get back, I start 2nd interviews.
I can't wait till the end of October where hopefully life goes back to 'normal'.
I don't think house warming is happening any time soon I'm just wayyy too busy at the moment.
Betty & Lisa I'm really really sorry for missing your birthday drinks! I feel awful! but I had some unexpected people spring a suprise visit on me. I'll make it up to you guys over dinner at my place this week?


Bosco said...

Must be some hard decisions to make.

Question: when picking between a highly qualified wanker and a not very qualified good person, which way do you tilt?

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: see in the context of who I recruit i.e. law students it's not expected that they be 'highly qualified' as they are just starting out. Obviously requirements differ firm to firm but law students are an extremely very high achieving group so it’s not too hard to find a well-rounded person.

lil_lamies said...

its all good... ummmmm dinner

Betty said...

Don't worry about it Ems, I can see how busy you are these days.

Bosco said...

yeah i wouldn't go with the wanker either :p

Congie said...

Don't worry, she missed my birthday too.. =:(

I'm no longer naming my first girl Pickos.