Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching up

With everyone so busy at the moment it's hard to find time to catch up. A few weeks ago we had a small get together at Matty's, Muz the Master Chef cooked dinner.

The smoke from the BBQ chicken got a little overwhelming so Viv decided to fan the smoke with a blanket.

Matty: "That's not how you do it, let me show you!"

Matty: "We'll try do this together"
Viv: "I'm tired I don't want to do this any more"
Matty: "You can't stop now! you have to show everyone that you're a team player!"

Soon everyone was distracted by the food that Muz brought out.

Soba noodles & Soup with condiments on the side
Salmon sashimi on radish with dill and flakes of crispy salmon skin

Roast lamb & veggies, Mushroom risotto
We spent the rest of the night eating ice cream, telling ghost stories and cracking jokes. It was just what I needed to wind down after 95 first round interviews.
Thank you Muz for cooking! Thank you Matty for hosting and it was great to see you all.


reverendtimothy said...

Hahaha. The blanket photos are hilarious!

Mmm food. Reading your blog always makes me hungry! I'm going to get something to eat now! Haha

PiCkLeS said...

yeh it was a good night