Tuesday, August 15, 2006

That time of the year

So So busy!.... but absolutely loving life.

It's scary to think that I know exactly what I am doing for every single day till the end of October (can’t wait till things calm down a bit) give me a couple of weeks and I should be back to regularly posting.
To the foodies out there I need some help. I need to throw a party for my 2nd year lawyers coming off the grad program, there will probably be about 60 people attending and I'm looking to do a dinner around the city that includes alcohol, entertainment + lots of fun! Think Cafe pacifico, Encasa or Mythos (dammit I wish I posted about these places, now I don't have pictures!).
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, money isn't too big of an issue because I've been given a reasonable budget to work with.
Let me know and thanks in advance.
Also throwing a cocktail party for potential Summer Clerks early October, any recommendations for live Jazz bands?


SoRMuiJAi said...

Vivaz at the Rocks (Ontop of Pancakes) has buffet and salsa classes and a dance floor plus a big bar and band. Food isn't spectacular, but its good entertainment wise.

Encasa is absolutely scrumdidiliumpious! You can never go wrong with Encasa! Sangriaaaaa!

DO NOT go Mykonos on Crown...shocking. Absolutely shocking!

Mel said...

I think you'd better go classier than that if you're working at a top tier law firm.

Anything with a view and or one chef's hat. oh ok, at least trendy but good.

And i'm being serious here!!

Our firm has been to the cbd a few times, that was pretty good trade off (also close enough to the office so people can finish off their work before going to dinner)

PiCkLeS said...

Lils: I had Vivaz on my list to try

Mel: The grads have actually requested 'a big piss up' so they don't want anything too 'formal' or 'proper'(discussed over breakfast). Plus the really fancy things are carried out within individual business units as opposed to a party to celebrate coming off the program. It's interesting how different the dynamics of each group are.

noodles said...

stop teasing us with the regular posting =)
cant bleive u have everyday planned from now till october.. i checked my calendar.. i'm free all the way till next week... =P make me wonder why i even have calendar =)

Mel said...

somehow our firm manages to make anything classy a big piss up.

that is pretty good you retained so many people after 2nd year. I thought most firms have lost their grads by then!

Anonymous said...

Vivas is not really a classy place nor a great 'piss up' place! Trust me! - an avid reader of your blog

AteLate said...

Hey Emily. I wouldn't go to Encase with 60 ppl unless you plan to hire out the whole restaurant. Plus their service still needs improvement. If you want a "big piss up", I can suggest the Bowlers club on York or even try the Slip in (the down stairs area in the room) which I think can hold up to 100 or so and you can have the room to yourselves until 11pm or so. Use your negotiations skillz. hehehe

Live Jazz, u can't go pass www.thebasement.com.au. Don't know if you remeber her, but Bic Runga just played there last week. Didn't have time to go, but heard she was great live !

Hope this helps in your planning. ^_^