Monday, August 07, 2006

In case anyone was wondering

The wooden floors have been polished, new carpet has been installed and the painting upstairs has finally all been completed.

Our TV, fridge, washer, dryer, microwave, dining table, small TV cabinet, two desks and a buffet was all delivered on Saturday. Jacky with the help of Jackson & Barbara put together most of the furniture (thanks guys) and things are starting to take shape. My back is killing me and I am no longer able to feel my arms. No matter how much I scrub in the shower I still discover paint on my arms and in my hair.

Still to do…
- Painting along the top and bottom of the walls downstairs i.e. (lounge & Kitchen)
- Painting all the window areas
- 2nd coat of paint in the Kitchen & Lounge areas
- 2nd coat of paint in the laundry
- 2nd coat of paint for the ceilings downstairs
- Sanding the wooden rails of the staircase, then applying varnish and lacquer
- Picking up the downstairs TV cabinet from Auburn and assembling
- Delivery of tall boy and dresser
- Going back to Domayne in Alexandria and getting back $100 because they screwed up our order
- Delivery of bed
- Clean! Clean! Clean!
- Start moving our stuff in.

Still to do (non-house related)…
- I have an absolute backlog of food posts, but I’m not sure if I will be putting those up because it’s been so long that the moment has been lost.
- Work is crazy busy, 800+ resumes to screen for summer clerkships, organising cocktail parties, firm presentations and throwing an end of Grad program party for my 2nd yr lawyers.
- Fly to Melbourne for HR retreat
- Taking Mum to the young Diva’s concert and Cirque du Soleil
- Post up photos from Emma’s hens night
- Emma’s Wedding
- House warming (aiming for late August but at this rate some time in September)
- Some where in between is my birthday

I'm looking forward to..
- My firm subsidised 30 min massage on Wednesday
- The day when I wake up and have nothing planned
- When 'the new place' finally feels like home


reverendtimothy said...

No matter how much I scrub in the shower I still discover paint on my arms and in my hair.

You need a TURPENTINE shower! That's what you need! Or a shower laced with paint thinner... yes, that'd do the job!


PiCkLeS said...

nice Tim nice! having no skin left is going to look real good!

trish said...

...and a billion steps closer to your dreamhouse em!! =)

can't wait to see it, this hard work will definitely pay off!

JC said... I'm so looking forward to having a list like this of my own...

NfOrCeR said...

aw looks like you be moving in and housewarming when im not in the country!

and i cant just walk down the road and rock up to your place to do so then lol

must do a drive-by this weekend ;)

victoria a said...

What you need is a massage from ME!! :P

NfOrCeR said...

Yes I do need a massage from you vics! Thanks for offering :D

thanh7580 said...

Ah, a fellow house mover. I've just moved house too and its so traumatic. It was made even worse when I had to switch my Internet and didn't have Internet for a week. I couldn't blog or read any blogs at home for a week. I had to read bits and pieces quickly during my lunch at work. Not the same as slowly reading every word and all the blogs that I read each day, taking about an hour to go through.