Sunday, August 28, 2005

Till next year

Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes, smses, msn messages and emails. Despite my attempts to avoid celebrating, it turned out to be a very eventful weekend. I just got home and I’m desperate for sleep so I’ll update tomorrow.
Thanks Again
Love Em.
In case you were wondering what I decided about DJ’s, Matty was very right when he told me to feel and not think. My gut tells me to give this one a miss.


Ken said...

happy belated :)

24 years young!!

PiCkLeS said...

LoL that was so quick Ken! not late at all 40mins to go till it ends. i didn't even see you on msn to thank you.

betty said...

thanks for great night...we hope you liked your present, I hope this taught you to value the importance of impulse buying!

victoria a said...

Happy Birthday(belated) Emily!!
Hope you had a great time celebrating. 24 is sooooooo young

riss said...

Belated Happy Birthday Em!

*throws confetti*

Natasha said...

argh Em! You never said exactly when your birthday was so now I'm late =( happy birthday! 24 is young compared to one million trillion gazillion (which is the approximate age of the earth).

4lekhskii said...

now i know what size you wear, i will get you some g-strings lol!

and do g-strings come in top n bottom?? @__@

PiCkLeS said...

Thanks for all the bday messages everyone!!

Alex: do you know how strange you sound right now?? people here don't exactly understand your humor, or your weirdness.

And no, you are not buying me underwear, not even for a joke because it's not funny.

And stop sooking that i didn't invite you to my birthday because i didn't organise it...that's the point of a 'suprise' go have words with the relevant person! and I told you i'd meet up with you for dinner later in the week.

betty said...

geesss Alex, stop sooking!! if you want to have words, you can have words with me!

Dianna said...

aww, still so young :)

Lisa said...

"2+4 is 24 ... no its actually 6 but Happy Birthday Emily... i love technology, but i still love you, you see, but i will always love emily always and forever... always and forever" (screamed very loudly out the car window by four slightly nutty girls) love you ems