Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Regret is such a terrible feeling. I had my eye on this Bare dress for ages black, strapless, satin, Audrey Hepburn style - $400! I just could never justify it. Then it went on sale for 50% off, I should have bought it then and there but with car insurance, rego and greenslip I felt so broke. It was also the day before I would find out the result of the interview, if I got the job then I would reward myself with the dress.

No job, no dress.

I still keep thinking about the dress, when I called the store I found out that all the size 8’s has sold out. I feel terrible, it's hard for me to find things I really like.


Bosco said...

Justification: walking to moonriver via the tiffany's window, oval sunglasses on forehead, croissant in left hand.. hahaha

JY said...


If you adore it to pieces, get it. Or you will regret it forever. And that regret can never be assauged. Plus you know you'll get money later.


riss said...

don't regret it - it was just a dress and i'm sure you'll find something else you love more soon.

althought if it happens again you could always put it on layby?

PiCkLeS said...

boo-hoo to me i'm making such a big deal over a dress, it's quite silly really.

Bosco: you know wayyy too much girlie stuff!

JY: No regrets!

Riss: the desire to shop is such a curse!! did you sign up at the loveable site for free undies??

Natasha said...

Two years ago I tried on the most fabulous Bare dress. It was black, it was halterneck, it was short and almost unbearably sexy. I didn't buy it because I already had two black halterneck dresses and it was $350.

I regret it to this day =(

Anonymous said...

Ems, impulse is the way to go - never second guess urself, go with ur instinct and that way u will never have regrets!
In other words, impulse buying is best!!!

petals said...

To justify, i always ask myself "Do I love it and can I live without it?"

And if I love it, I would buy it regardless of the price tag!

But if you are so-so...and you're feeling broke, etc...I would walk away if it was retail price...

And if it does go half price...I would buy then...

Although, i do suffer from the same habit of "rewarding" myself...especially on payday! ahahahahaha

Fortunately, my mum is a dress maker...i get her to copy dresses for me, so it fits just right!

riss said...

yup, signed up for free undies! haha. i hope i get french knickers :p

chris i'm with you, i always have a habit of rewarding myself on or near payday...i'm going to go to Alannah Hill tonite and reward myself with a pretty cami. hahaha

i'm hopeless :p

Hoi said...

Don't worry - I know you're devastated at the calamity of the whole situation right now, but in time you'll realise that what seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise - you'll move on and find greener pastures... with the money that you saved.

Haha yeah, you can definitely parallel shopping with other important matters of life!

And remember, next time - always buy things you really want, especially if they are on discount! You can always earn the money back later (e.g. I buy what I want now, even though I'm going broke, because I know I'll be working full time next year and can eventually earn the $ back but I can't necessarily get the item again... hmmm... I'm not encouraging you to save, am I?)

All very random ramblings, so I'll stop now.