Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just Babies

Happy 22nd Birthday Cyn & Tez!
Zeta Bar @ the Hilton
photos :
here (Trish is my photo idol!)
here (The B'day girl herself)
here (Her laugh is contagious)

the only photo I took for the night (Di, Viv, Me)


Vivien said...

I hope we helped you destress just a little bit. :)

DJ Ho said...

I'm surprised you actually got into the bar cause the line looked 30 deep last time I was there.

If you go upstairs into the Glass Bar, its more chilled and sophisticated, but still very expensive.

PiCkLeS said...

Viv: was a good night, despite sitting on something and having to change dresses last minute!

dj ho: Zeta is a little overrated, we wait in line for 1 hr and it seemed that anyone that looked like a model could just rock up and be let in. But the b'day girls look fab and was a fun catching up. Depends on the people doesn't it.

fool on said...

I walked past Hilton that Friday night after work... all I could see were these glamorous people dressed up, standing there, generally looking very important and glamorous. I'd be much too intimidated to step foot inside (ASSUMING they even let me inside)... so for now, on a Friday night, it's dodgy asian clubs all the way!!

princess_party said...

thanks for coming Em! it was really nice seeing you and jacky again =) sorry you had to wait so long to get in! Yeh i spose its one of those places that if you know the right ppl u can walk straight in..hrmm well just wait till we're rich and famous!