Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Things could be worse..

Just when things get tough you hear about something horrible happening and you realise how lucky you are. I received an email from my friend who wanted to let me know that my friend B* was very upset. She explained:

‘B* was on a work cruise with the social committee at JP Morgan. She was with a group from work which included this guy from Pakistan. Anyhow just b4 the boat docked the people working on the boat opened the door at the side and the boat was all rocky....B* and her group were standing near the door and the Paki guy fell out. They couldn't find his body for 1 hr....he drowned...B* had to give statements and stuff. She was freaked all weekend because she watched as he fell and he was looking right at her trying to grab on to something......he was 26 and his family are back in Pakistan!!’

How horrible…………..
Some one broke into our offices last night, they stole all the petty cash, the money from the poor box and went through everyones draws. I came into work this morning and my desk was all messy (but then again that’s how it always looks =P). I think they may have taken my movie vouchers but I forgot about them till now. You feel so invaded.

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