Saturday, August 14, 2004


I was really really spoilt today! For my birthday last year Alex bought me a voucher for a 1 hour full body massage and pedicure at Escape Day Spa in Bondi. It was just fantastic! I’ve never been so pampered and I now have the cutest looking toes in ‘Moulin Rouge Pink’.

I was a bit nervous at first because you have to remove all clothing except your undies. You are put in this really nice room where the lights are dimmed lavender oil is burning and relaxation music is playing in the background. Once they lifted the towel off my back I felt extremely exposed – but slowly the masseuse worked her magic.

Big thanks to Alex for such a great present! Also to Jacky for taking me there and sitting in the car outside and waiting for me for 2 hours.

I am a lucky girl...

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