Friday, October 13, 2006

Noodle Markets

I'm not having much luck with avoiding crowds at the moment, I'm not usually so pedantic about it but work has hit a critical point and I’ve found myself rather anxious and tense lately. Going to places where I have to avoid bumping into people as I walk is not really helping (I am so needing that holiday!).

On Thursday I met up with a few of the girls after work for a spot of dinner at the Night noodle markets in Hyde Park. I had heard from friends that the markets were smaller than previous years and it was easy to find a seat. By the time we got there it was already 6:00pm and the park was absolutely crowded with people! The lines were long and when I went to say hi to my friends people gave me dirties because they thought that I was trying to push in.
I had a look around but couldn't decide what to get, I just wasn't prepared for the long lines at each stall. I ended up stealing a prawn from Lisa's peking duck noodle box from Zilver.
I'm coming back again next week with a few foodie friends and this time I will be well prepared and back with a vengeance. I'm rather excited! See you then.


Lynn said...

I went on Friday night and the crowds and queues were horrendous as well! I quite like big crowds though :) And the Spring atmosphere is great. Sitting under the deep brilliant blues and violets of the star-lit night sky, munching away on a plethora of yummy noodle dishes shared amongst friends. Will be hitting the market again this week. Good Food Month rocks!

PS. I love your foodie photos and posts. They are great!

reverendtimothy said...

That looks insane! Hope it's still going by the time I get there. Mmm noodles.