Thursday, November 04, 2004

Getting to know me

I was reading back on some old emails and came across a survey that my friend had sent to me ages ago. I'm sure that you have all filled one out one time or another, here goes...
1. What time is it? Thursday 8:30pm
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate? It’s actually all written in Chinese.
3. Nicknames: in primary school it was ‘M&Ms’, high school ‘EmChong’ and these days I seem to be known around the office as ‘Chongie’. On the net I tend to go by the nick of PiCkLeS or Pickos it all started off as a bit of a joke but stuck.
4. Parent's names: Daisy and Phillip
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last Birthday cake? Actually I think that everyone forgot to buy candles so I had like 1? But to answer the question I’m 23 this year.
6. Date that you regularly blow them out: 28th August
7. Pets: I don’t currently have any due to the hours I spend at work, but I have been seriously thinking about buying a goldfish! I’m a big animal lover and in my life time I’ve had 6 guniea pigs. If I ever move to a house I’ll but a dog.
8. Height: I haven’t actually measured myself in years, but from memory I’m just under 170cm.
9. Eye colour: dark brown
10. Hair colour: black
11. National Heritage: Born in Hong Kong and came to Australia when I was about 2.
12. Tattoos: I’ve actually always wanted one but mum would get really upset.
13. How much do you love your job?
Hudson – it’s a tough job and I’ve really had to step out of my comfort zone and grow balls. Despite the hard times I really like what I do, but I wish the hours weren’t so long.
Baku - I get to design jewellery and get nice discounts, my boss pretty much lets me do what I want.
14. Birthplace: Ngau Tau Kok (HK)
15. Hometown: Sydney, Australia
16. Current Residence: ditto
17. where would you like to live? New York or Canada
18. Where have you visited?
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vegas, LA, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, London, Paris, Bangkok, Pattaya. This year I’ll be adding Tokyo, Malaysia and Phuket to my list.
19. Where would you really like to go? Other parts of Europe
20. Been drunk? Twice
21. What’s something that we don’t know about you?
I’m very good at scrap booking! But it’s very time consuming so I don’t get the chance to do it much these days. It’s been over a year since graduation and I still haven’t done the album.
22. Been in a car crash? Yes
23. Croutons or Bacon bits: Croutons I guess
24. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
25. 2 doors or 4 (on a car): my car has 2 but I don’t really care.
26. Coffee or Coffee Ice cream: coffee gives me a good caffeine fix in the mornings.
27. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: My old dressing gown
28. Dumper or Dumped: neither
29. Salad Dressing: Paul Newman’s Balsamic Vinegar
30. Colour: Blue!
31. Number: 8 – not because it’s the Asian thing but I was Born on the 28/08/81 and it seems to pop up in my life a lot.
32. Movie: gosh that’s a hard one, I can’t possibly choose.
33. Quote: it's stuck on my desk at work - I don't know it off by heart.
34. Favourite Holiday: Christmas – although any time off is a bonus
35. Foods: anything that isn't low fat or diet!
36. Day of the week: Saturdays!!
37. TV show: I love all the Crime shows! CSI, Law and Order, The real world and Sex in the City.
38. Word or phrase: A really high pitched “Brilliant”
39. Toothpaste: I really I don’t care
40. Restaurant: depends on the weather and my mood
41. Least Favourite Subject: I didn't really like maths in highschool
42. Alcoholic Drink: Cocktails or Baileys and milk
43. Sport to watch: Basketball and Swimming
44. Type of Ice: frozen's always good
45. Zoo Exhibit: I love the zoo - I don't like the snakes
46. Sesame Street Character: Ernie
47. Fast Food Restaurant: KFC
48. When was your last hospital visit? Don’t recall
49. Favourite drink? Lemon lime bitters (if non alcoholic)
50. What colour is your bedroom's carpet? Grey
51. What do you think of Ouija boards? Hehhehe we had our fun
52. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs? I would like to get really good at what I do, have a house and most probably married with great abs.
53. Obsessions: ebay
54. What time is it now? 10:00pm

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