Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Mirror Mirror on the wall..

I’ve been itching to see this particular fortune teller. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an extremely superstitious person but a few of my friends and workmates went to see her in December last year and I have slowly seen her predictions fall into place. All a bit of a coincidence? Quiet possibly …but one has just got to wonder sometimes.

The last time I had my fortune told was in Paris 2003, not by a fortune teller but by a family friend who believed that she had psychic abilities. She predicted that I would find a good job, that Jacky and I will end up together and that I would have one child somewhere down the track. Upon hearing this I was rather upset, I’ve always wanted at least two kids because one just seems so little. I’ve always loved having heaps of cousins and visiting family, watching families shrink is rather sad.

She told me that having that child will be such a strain on me physically that it may be dangerous to have another. If I really wanted more, it would be up to me now to exercise and build my strength – this I have taken to heart.

Other predictions that did not quiet come true was that I would reconnect with an old friend who would be the one to find me my job? And that I had to be very careful of someone close to me as they were jealous of the relationship that Jacky and I had and they would hurt me in some way. I just refuse to believe that bit, if I let a person close to me it’s because I trust them completely and they have earned my trust. I just feel so blessed with the group of friends that I have now, that I couldn’t imagine begin suspicious or thinking ill of them.

I guess fortune telling can be a dangerous thing, as much as you say that you won’t take things to heart I think subconsciously when things aren’t going well and your morale is low you find something to blame it on.

So, shall I? Or shall I not?

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