Sunday, May 23, 2004


I’m at work at Baku right now and I just caught a robber! Well sort of…
I popped out of the store to buy a bottle of water and left the new girl there for no more than 3mins. When I came back there was this big lebbo guy looking at our earrings which is all fine, but I could have sworn that at some point he had 3 pairs of earrings in his hand only to see his hands empty when he turned around.

So as he was leaving the store I asked him whether he was going to pay for the earrings that he had just placed in his pocket? He just stood there and looked at me stumped! When he finally managed to process that he had actually been caught he grabbed them out of his pocket threw them at me and ran off.

So I went down to the security office to give a description of the guy incase he went to other stores, only to be told off for not pressing the panic button. The last time anyone tried that method security took too long to get here…just picture the Baywatch run but of guys in security suits trying to look important – the culprit was long gone.

So that’s my bit of excitement for a Sunday – oOOoOOo just saw some security guy running past my store looking very important with his hand on his ear piece…think I will go have a sticky beak.

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