Wednesday, May 26, 2004


When I was younger I was in a bad car accident so ever since then I had no particular desire to learn how to drive and avoided having to get my license till it became absolutely necessary. I also met Jacky when I was just turned 17 and for the next 5 yrs he would drop me off and pick me up to where ever I had to go.

It wasn’t till last month at age 22 that I finally decided to go for my license - I hate driving and I only drive because I have to visit clients. Some people see getting their license as independence, but I would be quite content to just be driven around forever (I wish!).

So I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most confident driver in the world and a pretty appalling parker, which leads to the story that I am about to tell.

There I was at 7:45am attempting to reverse park into this really tight space, the alternative was to pay $12 for parking in the car park next door. Everything seemed to be going well until I hear this ‘scrappppppe’, my heart sank – the kerb had popped out, out of nowhere and crashed into me! … ok that’s not quite how it happened and I really only scratched one of my rims.

But when you do something like scratch your car it hurts; so after finishing the park I came out to inspect the damage, it wasn’t too bad but I know it’s there. The worst moment was when I looked into the coffee shop window across the street and what do I see? 2 cops absolutely pissing themselves laughing and pointing at me! It was one of those ‘dig a hole and bury yourself in it’ moments.

Back at the office my colleague Michael asks me what was with my glum face to which i explain that I was laughed and pointed at by two policemen. It just so happens that Michael was in the coffee shop and had heard the policeman laughing and telling the rest of the coffee shop to have a look. One of the policemen was actually the deputy police commissioner.


I actually had more to add to this particular entry, but while writing this up at home last night my suburb blacked out and my computer shut down. When the power came back on 2 hours later I hear a ‘Poof!’ noise and see smoke coming out of my computer tower. In a state of panic and shock I realised that my tower was on fire, I frantically pulled the cords out of the tower as throwing water around electrical cords was not really an option.

So Jacky’s going come check the damage tonight, I pray that it’s not a total loss and that my hard drives were resilient. Otherwise I stand to lose 7 years of accumulated stuff and my new 120 gig hard drive that was installed the day before.

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