Monday, August 27, 2007

My last day of being 25

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while hasn't it? Work has consumed my life lately and so much has happened that I don't know how or where to start again. I didn't think any one really cared till my email, msn and Facebook started filling up with "Why haven't you been blogging??" messages.

Don't worry I'll be back.


chaos-child said...

It's now past midnight so I suppose it's your birthday!!

Happy 26th Birthday Emily!!! =]

All the best!

(As my sister would say, 'exclamation marks love me!!!! haha)

Joel said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Year 26 is going to be a great one!!! Hectic, but great!!!!

ChiLLii said...

I was wondering if u have stopped blogging.. good to see u back with more updates.. more foods.. =P~

jen said...

happy birthday! hope you celebrated somewhere delicious ;)

MzUniq said...

Hi pickles :)

Long time no see!

Just got your blog website from Vicoz. I've just started mine so I hope you don't mind me adding yours as a link :)

You've been blogging since forever! It's going to take me ages to read through all of them. Just skimmed through and saw all the yummy food. They're making me drool.