Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trish's Kitchen Tea

Went to Trish's Kitchen Tea today and had a terrific time!
Prior to the tea, the bridesmaids put every one into teams and gave each team a theme. We were told to bring a costume for Trish and that there would be a photo shoot.

The result...(photos taken from Facebook & Tealily Photography)

Desperate housewives was a bit hard, but we did try to take inspiration from each character.

Trish let me use her camera to take some much fun!

How cute do the girls look here.

The effort! Trish is wearing a dress made entirely from red pockets.

The writing here is a little hard to make out but the theme is Trailer Trash Mums.

Love it!


princess_party said...

good to see you em and glad you could make it, i know its hard figuring out the hills area!

youc desperate housewives did a very good the apples and the watering can esp =) i remember distinctly noting jesse metcalfe as a prop in the come you guys didn't bring him? =P

your profiterole cake was absolutely divine!

PiCkLeS said...

Cynth: Great idea it was so much fun! Di you hear Di screaming "we need naked men! we need naked men!".

Have fun on your trip I'll see you soon anyway!

Anna said...

pickles, that's a hilarious idea.

and you have some pretty funky, glamorous friends to pull it all off too :)

Betty said...

Ems...we need an update on Sydney!