Thursday, March 31, 2005


Came into work this morning to be greeted by this email and just wanted to share it with everyone (with Christina's permission of course).
From: Christina Ioannou
Sent: Thursday, 31 March 2005 1:07
Subject: Hello Girlies

Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know I got back safely, sorry for not having my phone on!!

Hope you are all well and your fantastic selves!!

Had a beautiful time!!! On the Tuesday last week, arrived at Whitsunday Coast and spent the day looking around the coast, which is populated with sugar cane plantations. You can't swim in the water at Airlie beach because it is full of sting rays, but they have a lagoon for the local residents. I was very worried at this point because I thought we were going to spend 8 days here, and I wanted to swim in the unswimable water!

Anyhow, I eventually found out that we were headed for somewhere else on the Wednesday.... we boarded the ferry in the afternoon and only half an hour later arrived at the beautiful Hamilton Island resort! We stayed in a cute little palm bungalow!

You will all be very proud of me.... I participated in activities including kayaking (okay for half an hour, before I had a heart attack in fear of the deep blue sea), I also sunbaked alot and managed not to get burnt thanks to my trusty 30+ Le Tan sunscreen- which makes you brown without the red sting! (my new discovery!!). Stephen was a very good boy he kayaked everyday!

We visited, the Great Barrier Reef yesterday, a two hour ferry trip away on rough waters. Let me say, that it is beautiful!!!!! The reef is a strip of coral (actually multiple strips of coral) located in the middle of the pacific ocean. They have built a floating plank there called reefworld, which is where you disembark from the ferry and can either use the plank to sunbake or to snorkel/scuba dive in the water. We went in a semi-submersible submarine and had a look at the reef- it was amazing! Stephen was so cute, he got so carried away snorkelling and looking at the beautiful blue angel fish, that he went floating off course.... eventually the speed boat came to get him!

And the highlight of my trip, would have to be on March 26 (the Saturday, which is was our 3 year anniversary day!). We got up and Stephen had hired a helicopter for us, it took us to Whitehaven beach, which has the whitest and softest sand in the world, it was amazing. We set up our sunshade tent, and lay there just the two of us (as it is an unoccupied island). Stephen then gave me our anniversary present which was a book which he had made - he had painted pictures using watercolour paints of all the things we had done together and things he would like for us in the future- it was so special that I started crying.
And before I knew it he took out a beautiful ring and proposed to me! I said YES! So there you go ladies, I am finally engaged! I found out later that he had asked mum and dad for permission like 3 weeks ago or something!!!! SO they all knew but me!!! Everyone is happy, and apparently the whole of Cyprus/Syria/Adelaide know!!

Love you lots!!

I shall post a picture of the happy couple once I am home. All the girls let me hear you say 'awww....'

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