Sunday, January 09, 2005

Home Again

I arrived back in Australia yesterday morning and rushed out to the hospital in Crows Nest, my Grandfather is dying. I found out one week into my holiday, about the same time as the Tsunami diaster so this hasn’t been much of a holiday for me. Before I left my grandfather was fine, then he stopped eating for 3 days and collapsed we found out he had bronchitis; he was in pretty bad shape. After further testing, the doctor found cancer cells in his lungs and due to his age (90) and his current condition treatment such a chemo would cause him too much pain and suffering. So they have taken everything away and will let nature take its course.

My relatives in Hong Kong have all flown into Australia now; it’s a really tough time for the family at the moment. It’s the hardest thing to see someone you care about become so helpless. I fight back the tears and put on a brave face because if I start crying everyone else will. The doctors have given him a week possibly 2, depending on how much my grandfather fights and how much longer his body will hold up. Despite the heavy morphine his mind is clear; he’s trapped in a body that will no longer work.

I’m just about to leave for the hospital now; I haven’t been sleeping too well. Mum’s been out there since yesterday morning and hasn’t come home. I think I wrote this entry to help prepare me for what will happen in coming days. When it happens, I know that he will no longer be in pain.

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