Saturday, January 03, 2004

Welcoming 2004

After spending the last New Year in Times Square New York everything else just seemed quite mundane. However we still wanted to make the most of it and not end up staying home and regretting it. We headed out to Circular Quay to watch the fireworks, but while driving out it started sprinkling. Waiting for about 6hrs I could tolerate but getting wet while waiting I couldn't so we decided to go to our friend's who has an apartment on the top floors of the Summit on George St.

We spent the first few hours making cocktails and playing drinking games when the fireworks started we all headed up to the roof top to watch it from there. Since we didn't have the security swipe card to get to the upper floors we had to quietly climb 12 levels of stairs on the fire escape. These stairs were narrow and steep; I don't remember the last time I had such a work out!

Now no one is actually allowed up on the roof top, not even if you have an apartment. But my friend whose apartment it was had been up there many times before as the door can be easily flicked open with a pocket knife. The view from the top was just breath taking and well worth the effort. You can see everything from up there from Darling Harbour right round to Circular Quay. (Click here to check out the photos if you are interested).

Little did we know that security had decided that they wanted to come up to watch the fireworks too (best view in town). They had the biggest shock when the door opened and they found us all up there! I think most of us were too happy to bother about getting in trouble and after 50 000 questions about how we got the door open we simply told them it was unlocked. They didn't believe us of course and he was convinced one of us had a secret key. When he tried to kick us off we all cried out 'it's New Years!!' so he let us stay till it finished!

It's so fun to act like an idiot again! Don't forget to check out the pics on my website if you were there!

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