Friday, October 24, 2003

Another Year

Well its October AGAIN… seems as though this year has just zoomed past me! The same time last year we were so excited since we were flying off to Vegas in less than 30 days, now even the trip is a memory. Luckily we have accumulated enough frequent flyer points to fly to HK and back for free, while there we’ll probably also fly to Japan and Thailand. That’s something to look forward to maybe at the end of next year; Cong and Angii might even come along but for now a short trip somewhere close would be nice.

I went looking for a new bikini again today….so many style and patterns to choose from! I really don’t need one since I have 4 sets already, but I can’t help myself!...same goes for shoes I LOVE SHOES…and BAGS …gotta have the matching bag right?!? And don’t even get me started on jewellery! Good thing I work at Baku isn’t it.

But despite my shopping habits I’m actually really good at saving…thus the car and the trip. I don’t mind working because it feels good to be able to afford things that you want and it’s nice to spoil yourself now and again.

I think dinners ready…all my relos are having dinner at my place tonight, better go grab a good seat…food waits for no one!

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