Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making Osso Bucco

I've had a recipe ripped out from a magazine sitting on my desk for ages. It wasn't till I saw Joel's post about making osso bucco that I felt inspired to give it a go myself.

Step 1. Brown 3 pieces of veal osso bucco and set aside when ready.

In another pot (preferably a heavy one) soften some vegetables with a slosh of oil and a pinch of salt. I used onion, tomato and celery. I meant to add carrots but didn't realise that I had ate them all during the week.

Place veal into pot adding a can of tomatoes, prawns (optional) and a cup of white wine. Season and add enough water to cover the meat. From here you have two options:

1. Bring to boil then turn down heat and simmer for 2.5 hrs (until meat is tender and falling off the bone).

2. If your pot allows, place the lid on and put the whole pot in the oven to slow cook for 3 hrs.

(Not the best photos because you can't see the meat!) But when ready, serve on a bed of rice (or mash) sprinkle a bit of parsley to garnish and enjoy! In my case with a glass of white (Oyster Bay).

Thanks Joel for the inspiration, it is great comfort food indeed.

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