Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Wedding Slideshow

After 10 years we finally tied the knot! So here is a slide show of our day in a nutshell.
(click photo to start show)

(Please note there is sound so you may want to adjust your volume before viewing).


Em & JC


Ayako1984 said...

A milestone marked by another one =)

Congrats again!

I really like the slideshow!

SoRMuiJAi said...

The photos are absolutely stunning! You guys look gorgeous in them!

jen said...

congrats! the slideshow is brilliant. u looked gorgeous! love the song too... hehehe

M1NG said...

yay finally!!

Lan said...

firstly congratulations! i found your site through its a cool site you have here and the slide show of your wedding is beautiful! i was wondering where did you get the bridemaids dresses from? they look great!

PiCkLeS said...

Amanda: Thank you.

Lils: =)

Jen: Jacky put it all together I was very pleased.

Ming: Can't wait till yours in September!

Ian: My parents made all the dresses except my wedding gown.