Saturday, February 28, 2004

Tick Tock..

This week was extremely hectic! I’m at a point where I’m mentally and physically drained. Client visits, interviews, active jobs and the Hudson report to top it all off. However I am please to announce that I’ve placed my first internet ad (it appears on all the major job search sites), I’m sure the novelty of it will wear off once it becomes a common thing but I was rather excited all the same.

Life has really changed and I value my time so much more, simply because it seems to fly right by. I never seem to have enough time to pursue my own hobbies or to just relax. So I began to break up my week and see how my time was spent:

In 1 week we have 168 hours
57 hours I spend at work (Hudson and Baku)
13.5 hours is spent travelling to my work places.
3 hours is spent getting ready for work (takes me about half an hour each day)
56 hours on average I spend sleeping (I try to get 8 hours, although some days is less)

So I am left with 38.5 hours which includes Saturday (it is my only day off) to do my own things. If I minus the hours from Saturday, then each day I’m left with about 4.4 hours of personal time. Within these 4.4 hours I must eat dinner, have a shower, clean my room (yes I am a clean freak) and find time for family, friends and Jacky.

No wonder I feel a little burnt out! I’d love to have Sundays off too, but I really want to save for a house deposit and go on a 2nd world trip, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. Jacky’s been very supportive as usual he’s my rock in a world of uncertainty.

I have this voucher to a day spa in Bondi that was kindly given to me by my pal Alex for my 22nd birthday. It’s for a full body massage and a pedicure; I’ve been saving it for a time where I felt totally exhausted …think now would be good.

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